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Tag cloud of conserved domain names (click to view sequences)
Ig_CD3_epsilon Ig_Siglec_N Ig_CD8_alpha CLECT_NK_receptors_like TIR Chemokine_CC_DCCL IGc2 Ig1_LILRB1_like IL6Ra-bind Chemokine_CXC Ig1_CD4 Ig3_Contactin-1 CLECT_DC-SIGN_like IL4 Ig1_FcgammaR_like I-set SCY IL2 Ig_FcalphaRI GM_CSF IFab CLECT Ig2_CD4 TCR_zetazeta Chemokine Ig2_FcgammaR_like TNF Chemokine_CX3C Interferon IL10 Cathelicidins IL12 Ig2_FGFRL1-like Ig_pIgR IL6 IL7 Chemokine_CC IL5 Chemokine_C Ig_2 IL10Ra-bind

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